On Encouragement.

articles Sep 14, 2020

A school bus driver in Massachusetts has his students to thank for encouraging him to become a history teacher. While driving kids to school, Clayton Ward would talk to them about their history lessons. “It inspired me, hearing them say ‘You should be my teacher,'” the 30-year old bus driver said. He had dropped out of college 10 years ago but through the encouragement of the students and his love of history, he enrolled in Community College and graduated with a 4.0 GPA while continuing to drive the bus. He has now enrolled this fall at Framingham State University to finish his bachelor’s in history with a minor in education.

Make no mistake. A small word of encouragement can inspire another person to do great things.

You were likely inspired by a teacher, mentor, community leader or classmate to become what you are today. Have you taken a moment to let those people know you’re thinking of them during this pandemic?


Have you leaned into your position of influence with your patients, employees and community at large?

A small word of encouragement from an audiologist, dentist, lawyer, surgeon or business leader can go a long way in making this world a better place. Even if it seems superficial, a kind word can make a tremendous positive impact on someone’s day and perhaps even more.

As a small business owner adapting to the pandemic, I certainly do understand what encouragement means to anyone who is tasked with creating pay checks and navigating an enterprise, no matter how big or how small, through a storm.

Just like the students on his school bus encouraged Mr. Ward to become a history teacher, you and I can encourage other local business owners to keep chasing the challenge of producing quality products. We can encourage our employees to lean into their higher sense of purpose. We can encourage our patients to make a difference in this world.

Today there is someone waiting for you to encourage and inspire them to become what they know they could be. Don’t take this responsibility lightly.

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